Table 1.

Stem cell and progenitor cell therapies: randomized clinical trials

StudyYearClinical settingnCell typeMethod of cell transplantationCell number transplantedMean follow-up (months)% Change in LVEF compared with control
Menasché et al. (MAGIC)2008ICMP97SMBIntramyocardial4×108 or 8×1086−1.0% or +0.8%; NS
Meluzin et al.2008AMI60BMMNCIntracoronary1×10812+7.0%; P=0.03
Meyer et al. (BOOST)2006AMI60BMMNCIntracoronary2.5×10918+2.8%; NS
Assmus et al. (TOPCARE-CHD)2006ICMP51BMMNCIntracoronary2×1083+4.1%; P<0.001
Schächinger et al. (REPAIR-AMI)2006AMI204BMMNCIntracoronary2.4×10812*
Schächinger et al. (REPAIR-AMI)2006AMI204BMMNCIntracoronary2.4×1084+2.5%; P=0.01
Ge et al. (TCT-STAMI)2006AMI20BMMNCIntracoronary4×1076+6.7%; NS
Hendrikx et al.2006ICMP20BMMNCIntramyocardial6×1074+2.5%; NS
Janssens et al.2006AMI67BMMNCIntracoronary1.7×1084+1.2%; NS
Lunde et al. (ASTAMI)2006AMI100BMMNCIntracoronary8.7×1076−3.0%; P=0.05
Ruan et al.2005AMI20BMCIntracoronaryNot available6+9.2%; P<0.05
Chen et al.2006ICMP45MSCIntracoronary5×10612−3.0%; NS
Chen et al.2004AMI69MSCIntracoronary6×10106+12.0%; P=0.01
Assmus et al. (TOPCARE-CHD)2006ICMP47CPCIntracoronary2.2×1073+0.8%; NS
Kang et al.2006AMI/ICMP82CPCIntracoronary1.4×1096−0.2%; NS
Erbs et al.2005ICMP26CPCIntracoronary7×1073+7.2%; NS
Losordo et al.2007ICMP24CD34+Intramyocardial5×104, 1×105 or 5×1056**
  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction; BMC, bone marrow cells; BMMNC, bone marrow mononuclear cells; CPC, circulating progenitor cells; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; ICMP, ischemic cardiomyopathy; MSC, mesenchymal stem cells; NS, non-significant; SMB, skeletal myoblasts.

  • Intramyocardial through surgical transepicardial approach.

  • Intramyocardial through percutaneous transendocardial approach.

  • * BMMNC therapy resulted in significant decrease in death, myocardial infarction and revascularization at 12 months, whereas LVEF was not included in the pre-specified cumulative endpoint.

  • ** In CCS class III or IV angina patients, CD34+ cell therapy resulted in a trend towards a decrease in the frequency of angina and improvement in CCS class, exercise times and nitroglycerin use.