Table 3.

Comparison between maternal and embryonic hemodynamic parameters obtained by Doppler ultrasonography of mice at E15.5, after exposure at E6.75 to Li, HCy or NaCl (control)

Maternal variablesHCy (n=59)NaCl (n=42)Li (n=68)Pvalue
Heart rate (beats/minute)458421491 ↑<0.0001*
Uterine artery PI2.822.772.12 ↓0.0001*
Embryonic variables
Heart rate (beats/minute)181169195 ↑0.0004*
Umbilical artery PI1.551.681.76NS
Ductus venosus PI0.970.970.97NS
Descending aorta PI1.991.942.11NS
ICT (%)6.567.277.54NS
IRT (%)11.9312.3016.82 ↑0.0025*
ET (%)42.5141.7141.26NS
MPI0.440.480.60 ↑0.0049*
E velocity (cm/second)12.2511.3211.46NS
A velocity (cm/second)40.1437.2741.36 ↑0.0214*
E/A ratio0.300.310.27 ↓0.0065*
OF peak velocity (cm/second)39.9236.5641.05 ↑0.0476*
  • All data represent median values.

  • * Parameters showing significant values for Li when compared with the control group, as based on the non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis test.

  • PI, pulsatility index; ICT, proportion of isovolemic contraction time in the cardiac cycle; IRT, proportion of isovolemic relaxation time in the cardiac cycle; ET, proportion of the ejection time in the cardiac cycle; MPI, myocardial performance index; E, inflow velocity during early ventricular filling; A, inflow velocity during atrial contraction; OF, ventricular outflow tract.