Vivo-Morpholinos enter cells of adult animals

Vivo-Morpholinos enter cells of adult animals


Caenorhabditis elegans as an emerging model for studying the basic biology of obesity
Kevin T. Jones, Kaveh Ashrafi


The health problem of obesity and its related disorders highlights the need for understanding the components and pathways that regulate lipid metabolism. Because energy balance is maintained by a complex regulatory network, the use of a powerful genetic model like C. elegans can complement studies on mammalian physiology by offering new opportunities to identify genes and dissect complicated regulatory circuits. Many of the components that are central to governing human metabolism are conserved in the worm. Although the study of lipid metabolism in C. elegans is still relatively young, much progress has already been made in tracing out genetic pathways that regulate fat storage and in developing assays to explore different aspects of metabolic regulation and food sensation. This model system holds great promise for helping tease apart the complicated network of genes that maintain a proper energy balance.



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